CHARLES O’TUDOR / Brand Strategist/Principal Consultant, ADSTRAT Consortium.

O’TUDOR deploys modern strategic and media paradigms in exploring visual and tactile briefs. He seeks to invent new brands, products and experiences deploying the cerebral filtration process credited to him. He has a bias and preference for native culture, visual dialects and modernities.

“Brands rise and fall like empires. Research has proven that the battle for the psyche of the target audience is mostly fought, lost or won at the point of purchase. Top of the mind recall invariably comes to bear at the point of decision making, with the key attribute being brand d i f f e r e n t i a t i o n . ” – C h a r l e s O ‘ T u d o r , M a y 3 1 s t , 2 0 0 9

A highly-cerebral brand strategist, O’Tudor served as the Principal Consultant, ADSTRAT Consortium. He has driven strategy sessions in the 02ygenation of World Class brands, such as GT Bank, Afribank, First Atlantic Bank, First Inland Bank, Standard Trust Bank, NAL Bank, Chartered Bank, Manny Bank, Sosoliso Airlines, Tanmo Pharmaceuticals, Suburban Telecoms, Leatherworld, Oando, Genesis Group, Alpha Technologies, Ziklagsis Networks, Polo, Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAA], Visa International, Abbey Building Society Plc, NIPR, CrossRiver State, Calabar Energy City [CEC], Trust Fund Pensions Plc, First Bank Branch Transformat ion Project, amongst several others. He holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Jos and is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where he bagged Cert ificates in Management and Measuring Organizational Strategies, Product Strategy and Brand Management. He is an Associate Member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria [APCON] and an Asso c i at e M emb e r , Ni ge r i an I n st i t u t e o f Pu b l i c Re l at i o n s [ NI PR] . Widely celebrated as the Boss of The Intern, the first ever business reality TV show in Nigeria, sponsored by Bank PHB, Charles O’Tudor is an embodiment of intellectual strength, unusual drive for excellence and perfection. This is achieved through his uncommon quest for knowledge. He is
the visionary behind BRANDSARISE, a social emancipation initiative anchored on the philosophy that when individuals rise, their communi ties will rise and ultimately the nat ion will rise.

BRANDSARISE made its debut as a series of articles O’Tudor published in BusinessDay Newspapers over a period of time. A select compilation of these articles will be published as a compendium – the BRANDSARISE book, in the second quarter of 2011. The book addresses historical examples and approaches made by individuals, corporate and state entities at building their brands. It also
provides strong insights into scientific and quintessential principles as adopted universally by various successful brands. In recognition of his dynamic efforts, Charles O’Tudor has been honoured by several organisations some of which include; City People Magazine, Encomium, FAME Magazine, Junior Chamber International [JCI], among others. Charles is happily married with kids. He loves
Reading, Writ ing and Cerebral discussions. To him, brands + branding is a passion.